Why you should care about SEO for your business

If you own or run a business, chances are you’ve received emails and/or phone calls offering you the very best SEO services there are on offer. They’ve given you all the promises in the world for landing onto page one of Google search results within a matter of hours or have told you about the many thousands of people who will come knocking on your door the moment you start paying them.


Whilst some of this may be true, a lot of it is over-exaggerated hype. So, the next step in the business-owners’ guide to handling SEO information, is to say you’re not interested and delete and hang up on every single person who contacts you.


Hear me out.


SEO can, in fact, be a great thing for your business to invest in. You may already be focusing on paying for a few Facebook Ads here and there, so why bother with SEO?


Be seen

First and foremost, you want your business to be seen. On average, 40,000 search queries are made PER SECOND of each day.

With that in mind, you can imagine how many searches are being performed for terms relating to your business. If you own a cafe and people are hungry, chances are people are going to do a Google search to look for a nearby food outlet to settle their cravings.

The point of SEO (or rather, Search Engine Optimisation), is to help people find you online. With no SEO on your website, you simply won’t show up in search results and people won’t know you exist.


Increase sales

More people finding your business means more sales. When more people know you exist, chances are that’s going to increase the number of people walking through your door, or visiting your website. One of the biggest reasons people invest in SEO is to increase brand awareness and that is definitely something SEO can help with.


An overall better investment

Yes, more people are using social media sites such as Facebook to find local businesses, but at the end of the day, people are still turning to Google and Bing to find out information. When you only focus on one type of online advertising such as Facebook Ads, you’re limiting your reach to people who are on Facebook. Not everyone is on Facebook (believe it or not) and therefore, you may be missing out on valuable targeting. SEO means you’re targeting anyone reaching for Google for a helping hand, and according to the stats, that’s a lot of people.


Your competitors are doing it

Do a search right now for your business type. If you’re a cafe in Bondi, search for cafes in Bondi. Are you there? Are your competitors showing up in search results? If your competitors are there but you aren’t, that means you’re missing out on business and it’s going straight to your competition.


The next time you receive a phone call or an email about SEO, just remember it isn’t all spam. While some companies are just trying to make a quick buck, there are still good reasons to consider SEO services for your website.

If you’d like to have an obligation-free discussion about your website and receive a free quote, get in touch with Ink Marketing today.

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